Bill Brinker

William Isaac Brinker, son of Joseph and Louise Caroline Elliott Brinker, was born July 29, 1847.  He served in the Civil War, joining when he was sixteen.  (There is an error on his birth date on his tombstone.)  The Brinker family came to Richland shortly after the Civil War, and Bill owned a store and a cotton gin.  When the Richland community applied for a post office in 1901, it was denied because there was already a Richland, Texas.  The community then changed its name to Brinker in honor of Bill and his family.   Bill’s first wife, Elizabeth Drusilla Williamson, was the daughter of Jonathan and Cynthia Isabella Allen Williamson.  She was born January 25, 1852, and died April 15, 1887.  Their children were John Allen, Joshua Edwin (Bud), Samuel Joseph, Leila Rebecca Stephens, Laura Etta Elliott, and William Jabe.  After Drue’s death, he married Mary Rebecca Dean Barber.  Their children were Roy Dean, Annie Louise Moncrief, Amos B., and Drue Catherine Pettitt.  Bill died September 27, 1916.