Lest We Forget

Click on a letter in the navigation bar above to see an alphabetical list of everyone buried in our cemetery.  Then click on a name to go to that person's page.  If the person does not have a page, that means that we do not have a picture.  If you have pictures or information to donate to us, please contact us at richlandcemetery@gmail.com.

Click on the Map page to see a map of the cemetery.  It can be enlarged to see the location of individual plots.  Dotted lines around a plot indicate that the plot has been purchased but is not yet in use.

The group pictures are usually family groups, but sometimes are just neighbors.

The purpose of the Richland Cemetery Association is to honor the memory of those buried in our cemetery.   In order to accomplish this objective, we feel that we need to know as much as possible about them.  For that purpose we maintain records containing biographical data, with pictures if we can obtain them, about everyone in our cemetery.