Richland Cemetery

Richland Cemetery is located in the Brinker Community in Hopkins County, Texas, about six miles east of Sulphur Springs and about a mile south of I30 on FM 69.  The community was originally named Richland, as were the school and the Baptist church. When the name of the community was changed in 1901 in order to obtain a post office, the other entities retained their original Richland name.   The first permanent settlers in the community were the family of Samuel and Sarah Bromley, who arrived there from Alabama in 1845.  Their son T. Smith Bromley established the area’s first cotton gin in 1882.  The community was named for William Isaac Brinker, who owned the community’s second cotton gin.   The first marked grave in the Richland Cemetery, that of Luvinia Maginnes (McGinnis), was dated 1878.   There were probably prior unmarked graves.

All of our burials are recorded at  the Find a Grave site.  Richland Cemetery Association has more information about most of the people buried there.  Please contact us if you want more information or if you have information to share.  The association’s email address is  Click here to go to our “Lest We Forget” page where you will find navigation instructions.