Walker, Toyce Clay

Wallace, Robert Alonzo and Famey Pearl Winfrey

Wallace, Billy Joe and Margie

Wallace, Kenneth

Wallace, Janie Beth

Walling, Myrtle Jeanette

Walters, Gerald

Walters, Sheri Jo Horne

Wayne, Michael James

Weaver, Carl and Ann Mitchell

Weaver, Flora E.

Weaver, Joseph Carl

Webber, Ron Cleveland

Wheeler, Ela

White, Alice

White, Amanda

White, Arther

White, Cecil Benjamin

White, Cecil Joe

White, Frances Emily

White, George Wilson

White Harvey Lee

White, Isaac Lee

White, Joel

White, Lucy May

White, Mary Lee

White, Milton Jones

White, Mollie

White, Nancy Elizabeth

White, Rachel S.

White, Willis A.

White, Woodrow W.

Whitlow, Celestia Bromley Mathews

Williams, Annie E.

Williams, Arelda E.

Williams, Benjamin Frank

Williams, Charlie Thomas

Williams, James L.

Williams, James Oliver

Williams, James Preas

Williams, Jo Ann

Williams, Lorena

Williams, Mary E.

Williams, Molly

Williams, Neva Nell

Williams, R. D.

Williams, Rebecca

Williams, Rhodia Kathryn

Williams, Thomas Zefton

Williams, Tina Grace

Williams, Vivian E.

Williams, W. E.

Williams, Wilson Moses

Williams, Wilson Osby

Williams, Wylie Gooch

Williamson, Allen B.

Williamson, Edward James

Williamson, Isabelle Carrie

Williamson, James Klent

Williamson, James Wylie

Williamson, Martha Louise

Williamson, Mary E.

Williamson, Moree

Williamson, Nell Ruth

Williamson, Richard Andrew and Dessa Mae Nance

Williamson, Robert Allen

Williamson, Walter

Williamson, Wylie Richard

Willis, Billy True

Wilson, Josiah Perdew

Wilson, Sarah E.

Windham, Evelyn

Windlham, Harold Rufus

Windsor, Alice

Windsor, Peter H.

Wood, Gladys M. Williamson

Wood, Homer O.

Woods, Clarence A.

Woods, Columbus

Woods, John A.

Woods, Maudie J.

Woods, Sudie Anna

Wright, Blanche Lee

Wright, Thomas Jefferson

Wright, Tommy Lee

Young, Nancy Jane